Talkin' about the road

While my travels through the twisted lands ravaged by the Dark Elf invasion was a lonely trek, I did run into a weekend retreat for frigid witches. It was run by a powerful Sorceress named the Dread Lady Lunira, who was actually quite nice.

I figured this was an opportune time to get in touch with my dark elf roots and learn something about myself. 

And teach these ice queens about the power of love.*

Valeigra's party advice - if someone hands you a drink...

down it as fast as possible!

Okay never do that. The 41st Millennium is a grim, dark place.


When someone tells you  they are going to 'Fly you like a kite' make sure they aren't me.

All in all a great learning experience! It feels good to share your interests with others. Now who's up for round two?

*peach vodka, coconut rum, creme de almond, vermouth, dash of lime

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