King of being weird.

No trip to the city would be complete without checking out the Eternal Citadel, home to the Queen of Hotness herself (I can't even say her name without getting a wetty); Morathi.

This Saladfinger Stinkrim b*tch was kind of an asshole but whatever. Hater's gonna HATE.

There she was, the lion-frothing Mistress of Hate herself. But there HE was. King What-the-hell-is-that!?


One brain-gasm later...

When I say I would do anything for Queen Morathi's sweet poon, I guess I really do mean anything >:(

The city scarred me. I think I'm kinda done here.


Okay so on my way to this great city or whatever I may have started drinking. And like, never stopped...

But it turns out respawning in the Inevitable City is a piece of piss! Here we are at last >:D

Black Guard are not known for their compassion. Nor their care, consideration, empathy, humanitarianism, interest, concern, thoughtfulness or lenience.

I visited the Dark Elf embassy thing and immediately realised why we haven't won this war yet. Look at these wet towels!

 Fortunately in the city centre there were plenty of wandering souls that could benefit from the wisdom of my alcoholic fusion dance.

 And then I found it. Atop a ziggurat there was the most beautiful thing a Black Guard could ever see: A font of PURE HATE pouring from the heavens! Aww yis.

The long and winding road...

Some screenshots need, or rather have, no explanation. These are those:

In other Veleigra-related news I've decided it is finally time for me to visit the grand City of the Inevitable! Where the inevitable will occur! Where all roads inevitably lead! Where for 5 silver you can stick your head in this hole and hear the sound of inevitability!

It's where my journey has lead me. It is where the power to go beyond Rank 40 resides...

oh but where is it exactly?

Total Eclipse of the HATE

Caught these love birds with their pants down...