Welcome to Anlec

At last! My training was complete and I was on a journey that would inevitably lead to... the Inevitable City.

But first I had to travel through the lands past conquered by my brethren. The lands from which my great guild drew their first blood. Yes my friends, Anlec!

Okay so one server transfer later and I was back in action! Doing the devious deeds that dark deviants do best.

It's not what it looks like I swear! Okay it probably is. But, you know, we are a very sexually liberated people and if you can't handle that I guess it means you're racist.

Initially I was hoping to keep this diary in order to document the experience of being a Black Guard, in case any of you folks were curious about 'taking the black'. But it turns out I myself am far more entertaining than being a tank with minimal cc. I will however say this: Monstrous Rending. MONSTROUS RENDING! If displacing ALL THE BLOOD of three people at once is your idea of a good time (if it isn't I feel bad for you, son) then look no further. This skill is what makes being a Black Guard worthwhile.

Until they nerfed the shit out of it leaving us with nothing MOVING ON.

Hehe this tree is so mad. 

There is something strangely spooky about doing a PQ all on your own, but it seems I've fallen behind once again and the lands ring with the echoes of battle already over. Occasionally I see signs of life, but I feel an ever increasing sense of urgency to get to the city and the end game content...

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