Moving on up

Tier 3 at last!
My power as a Black Guard is rising like a flaming dragon from a great volcano of fire! But those pesky High Elves just won't lay down and die. I get that they think they are better than us because of their fancy magical education and their (literal) ivory towers, but when you tear off all their armour and clothes and bind them to a rack they aren't all that different to us.

Although the White Lions I just don't get. If I was a lion why would I serve a guy who wears my parents skin as a cape? I think cat's a super cute too so I've been actively 'liberating' them!
There's nothing sadder than a sad High Elf.

Roaming the seaside plains I even ran into an old school friend. She's changed quite a bit, but maybe not as much as these guys would have liked.

Tier 3 is all about grinding through to the tantalisingly close Tier 4 and end game. The Inevitable city awaits! But first you have to play Tor Anroc two thousand times... Those wussbag good guys queue only for this lava filled hell, because they have a big advantage due to AoE knockbacks.

Speaking of grinding, to get through this brutal wasteland of forgotten content you need a heap of dough.  So I've hooked up with this disgraced academy professor for some high-level 'crafting'.

When you lift the lid, shit gets real.

Sometimes there's no one sign it's time to move on. It's more like a feeling I get.


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